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Find real in-market shoppers

Alligatr knows who is in-market the moment they begin their online research and prioritizes them according to how likely they are to convert!

  • Predictive Behavioral Data
  • Shopper Scoring

Send targeted messages

By optimizing the best channels for targeted marketing, we make sure in-market shoppers know who you are and how you can help them - in real-time.

  • Targeted Email Prospecting
  • More Than a Glance Targeted Banners

Drive foot traffic with your digital identity

Ensuring that your online presence represents your business well is one way Alligatr secures your organization as a leading option for shoppers online.

  • High-converting Microsite
  • Local Search Optimization

Prevent customer turnover

Our UnchurnTM Client Retention product scores each current or regular customer according to attrition risk - notifying you when one of them is about to turn over to the competition - and dispatching an immediate retention email to keep them on your side!

  • Customer Retention Scoring
  • Immediate Retention Emails

Save Valuable Time

While we understand that your voice and know-how is a powerful part of your business success, we are commited to making marketing really easy for you.

Here is how we curate the messaging you want while carrying as much of the work load as possible:

  • Monthly Reporting
  • Customer Behavioral Analytics

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