Small businesses are the bread and butter of our economy. Yet, sometimes marketing can be a challenge when you don’t have all the money in the world to spend on getting the word out and about. Never fear! Here are five small business marketing tactics you haven’t thought of yet and that won’t break the bank.

  • Create videos that demonstrate your product or service

While this idea may not appeal to you outright, creating videos that your clients can use in the process of deciding to purchase your product or service can serve as a tipping point. YouTube is thriving, and videos are a way that you can connect with people while being down the street or on the other side of the world. Videos highlighting your product or service, how it works, or just things that a customer wouldn’t know otherwise can really set you apart from your (big name) competition.

  • Get on social media ASAP

Did you know that social media is one of the best ways to engage with clients? In fact, many individuals today will completely bypass a company if they don’t have an online presence. It’s part of the mental checklist that clients need to feel comfortable with a company. Check this box and you’ll be good to go on the marketing front in no time. Create accounts on the big three – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – and get good at those before you branch out.

  • Try infographics

Coming across a good infographic on social media or the Internet is actually really neat, and being a company that puts out content like that can get you noticed. Do you have some really cool statistics that you recently gathered in a customer survey? Don’t leave them laying around! Put them in an eye-catching infographic and let your customers see exactly what you have. You’ll create a buzz around your business and it’s all up from there.

  • Give email marketing a go

Although going snail mail is old school, email marketing is now in. If you really want to reach people, send them mail where they’re looking for it: online. Sending out content via email can help you gain new clients while also maintaining old customers. Offer incentives to join your email list such as a discount or a free bonus eBook. Nurturing your email list can just be a little side job that grows into your gaining more and more customers.

  • Go local whenever possible

Looking for a creative way to get your name out? Get out and go local yourself whenever possible! When there are events in your community, don’t hesitate to attend, sponsor it, provide food, get balloons printed with your name or do anything else that will get people talking about your company. It’s a great way to support other local small businesses while growing yours at the same time!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these helpful tips with us. And I like your idea that “Put them in an eye-catching infographic and let your customers see exactly what you have. You’ll create a buzz around your business and it’s all up from there.”

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