Why Jewelers Need Digital Marketing

Think digital marketing is only for large jewelry chains? Think again! Almost every industry is going digital, meaning marketing is a must to grow your business. Shoppers are heading online to do more than just search for local stores and designers; they want to buy. This includes one-of-a-kind handmade selections, signature collections, trending fashion jewelry, […]

Why Health and Fitness Studios Need Digital Marketing

Marketing is the best way to build brand exposure for your health or fitness studio. This goes beyond your website and social media to a custom strategy designed to engage current members, capture new leads, and drive overall awareness. Here are just a few reasons why health and fitness studios need digital marketing.

Why Restaurants Need Digital Marketing

You picked the perfect location, proudly serve quality food, and offer a comfortable, inviting atmosphere, so people should be flocking to your restaurant – right? If they’re not, it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy to include digital marketing. Here are just a few reasons why Atlanta restaurants need to invest in digital marketing.