Wondering how you can maximize your online marketing techniques to best serve your customers? Email is one of the ways that top the list but only if you adhere to a set of best practices. These “rules and regulations” will keep you on track with your clients and increase the likelihood of converting an email to a sale. Here’s what you should know!

  1. Emails should provide immediate communication

Emails shouldn’t feel as though a robot is writing them. When you utilize this method of communication with clients, it should feel as though it’s a relatively immediate method of communication. Think about the messages you’ve received that include, “Do not reply to this email as this email address is not monitored.” It makes you feel as though the company isn’t accessible even though they are “spamming” your inbox. That said, if a company provides you with a mechanism for immediate communication with them, then it’s much more satisfying to see those communications.

  • Emails should be easy to set up and run

If you’re going to do email marketing, it shouldn’t be a hassle; if it’s tough to get the emails out, it’s going to be tough to maintain it. Keep your email process easy so you can be consistent in getting your emails out to your clients. You should be able to set them up in a semi-automatic fashion, so you can run them as often as you need to.

  • Emails should be easy to automate

Automated email systems allow you to take some of the mechanics out of this type of marketing. This best practice for emailing is important because running a business is hard. Automating your emails means that you have one less thing to worry about during any given day. It’s also crucial to find a system that allows you to personalize emails easily, even while automating them. If you can put your client’s first names in the email without additional effort, it’s clear that you care and want to engage with them thoughtfully.

  • Emails should be easy to segment

If you’re interested in the different demographics and interests within your email lists themselves, then you’ll be highly intrigued by segmenting. Emails should be easy to segment; otherwise, you’ll lose a portion of your customers’ attention because they’re receiving too many emails. If you’re able to send only what appeals to them, they’ll be much more engaged in what you have to offer. You’ll ultimately have a higher rate of conversion when you use segmented lists.

  • Emails should be easy to track and optimize

When you use email as a marketing technique, there’s still an element that needs to be tracked like any other technique that you may use. You’ll need to track them to find out how well they’re converting to sales and optimize them accordingly to ensure that there isn’t anything else you could be doing to help your rates. If it isn’t easy to get this data from your emails, it might be time to think about how you could improve it.

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